Margot And Me

Margot And Me by Juno Dawson

Fliss is on the way to visit her grandmother in Wales – the grandmother who she doesn’t get on with – with her mother who is recuperating from chemotherapy. But her mum is getting better, that’s the main thing, so Fliss can concentrate on being grouchy and not looking forward to meeting her grandmother Margot, who is so cold and always so unforgiving of Fliss’s every mistake . . . But when the six months is up, Fliss consoles herself, she and her mum will go back to London and back to Real Life!

In the meantime Fliss needs to get used to her new school, not upset the scary girls, and just keep her head down (whilst still making sure that everybody knows she is from London, of course). Then Fliss discovers a diary at the back of her bookcase. It is from the 1940s and is set in World War II, and, Fliss realises, is actually Margot’s diary from when she was a young woman during the Blitz. Intrigued, Fliss begins to read. There she discovers a whole new side to Margot, a wartime romance and also Margot’s deepest, most buried secret. And it is then that Fliss discovers something terrible in her own life that she is going to have to come to terms with…



15th October 2017 at 3:54 pm

Sam (Ratton):

This book is written with the voice of a 15-year-old girl, by the name of Fliss. Fliss is used to the cushy life of London, however, when she and her mother move to the countryside to stay with Margot, her entire world changes.
The story unfolds in the form of Fliss’ diary , and then Margot’s wartime diary. Unwittingly, Fliss learns more about Margot than she would have done normally. Little does she know this is exactly what she needs.
The twists are worth every tear, as you can feel everything Fliss does, even if you haven’t been through what she has.

Saoirse (Year 9) Hurstpierpoint

13th October 2017 at 10:42 am

Saoirse (Hurstpierpoint) Year 9:

Margot and me is my favourite book so far. I liked the way Margot’s diary entries were interspersed with Fliss’s account of the present day, and her reactions to the diary were quite funny. The story was quite sad but I liked the bittersweet ending and the way the author explained all the questions Fliss-and the reader- had about the diary.

gabriel beck

12th October 2017 at 9:07 am

Gabriel (PCS)

This book was very interesting and is full of surprises.
I don’t think the cover is very good for this book because it makes it look like something it isn’t.
I also like how it is a bit like 2 stories in 1.
I give it a 9/10

Ashley Wang, Year 9, Roedean School

11th October 2017 at 11:46 am

Ashley (Roedean) Year 9:

Fliss is a Londoner who ends up having to stay at the last place she wanted to be – her grandmother Margot’s rural farm in Wales. Even though she hates the place as well as her grandmother, she is trying her best to settle in. With cancer constantly threatening her mom Julia, it’s not easy.
Away from the city lights, Fliss secretly finds entertainment in reading her grandmother’s diary. And in this diary, Fliss finds family secrets and a completely different Margot. As they face Julia’s illness together, Fliss and her grandmother form a close bond.
Secrets unravel, and they bring love.
Reading about Margot and Fliss’s cold war was truly hilarious and touching. It taught me that no matter how hard it is, we can always find acceptance.

Khadijah uddin

6th October 2017 at 7:30 am

Khadijah (Ratton):

Margot and Me is great book because when Fliss was reading Margot’s diary she learns some things about her that she didn’t know and it shows she starting to understand Margot and they are learning to get along. Also I like the twists that it has and how their friendship develops. I rate this book 10/10.

Julia (Roedean)

16th September 2017 at 10:41 pm

Julia (Roedean):

Margot and Me is a brilliant book, Fliss has to move to Wales to live with her Grandma Margot and her newly cancer-free mother as Fliss is struggling to cope. Margot and Fliss do not get on, until one day Fliss finds her Grandma’s old diary. Flies learns secrets about her she never knew before… I enjoyed watching Margot and Fliss’ friendship go through good and bad phases. I rate this book a 9/10.

Molly (Roedean)

6th September 2017 at 8:49 pm

Molly (Roedean):

I like how although this is quite a stereotypical subject it is told in such a different way that makes it seem so unusual

Scarlett (Roedean)

1st July 2017 at 10:20 am

Scarlett (Roedean):

Margot & Me is a gripping, captivating and exciting book. I really enjoyed learning about the secrets and twists in Fliss’s grandma’s diary, it didn’t take me long to read as the book is such a page-turner. Juno Dawson is a great author, known for her amazing books like Say Her Name and All Of The Above. This book will make you cry, while learning about Fliss’s life but will keep you intrigued whilst learning about her grandma’s life. I recommend this book to 11-13 year olds and I rate it a 9/10.

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